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Bob regularly trains and facilitates shop floor, engineering, strategic and business process kaizen events. Bob has worked in a variety of roles which enables him to fully understand the benefits and challenges to implementing lean.  He has worked as a Team Member on the production floor, a support staff engineer, a lean manufacturing manager, a production manager, corporate lean Sr, Manager and a Plant Manager. 

Bob has worked with all levels of organizations in many industries.  Beyond kaizen events, Bob has done extensive research and worked with organizations to develop their lean efforts into a strategic advantage.  Bob has developed some unique ways to manage and incorporate innovation, advanced R&D and product lifecycles into a cohesive structure to help companies stay relevant and at the top of their industry.

Bob also has his MBA from the University of Florida.

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"Mid-South Electronics was in the upheaval of recovery from a disastrous fire that destroyed our primary manufacturing plant.  Bob Wilson helped us with improving our productivity and resolving very tough quality issues to root-cause.  His timely and accurate analysis, ability to work with people and bring out their best thinking, and drive to achieve results all helped us to a breakthrough in quality - meeting customers' 2007 goals by the end of 2005 - and getting On Time Delivery from approximately 50% to over 85% within two months."

~Ron Ferrill ,VP of Operations, Mid-South Electronics

Bob Wilson, the founder of Industrial Andons, LLC and Jidoka Consulting, has an extensive background in the automotive industry having worked at both Toyota's and Ford's top plants in the world.  He was certified as a Kaizen Circle Leader Instructor and Practical Problem Solving Instructor at Toyota Motor Manufacturing in Kentucky.  He also became a certified Six Sigma Black Belt while working for Ford Motor Company.  Bob has also worked for many years in the high tech industry, most recently with AMD as their Lean Sensei.  He established AMD’s Global Lean Academy and led courses in Germany, India, China, Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Malaysia, Singapore, Canada and across the USA.