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Jidoka means autonomation or automation with a human touch.  Originally it referred to a machine’s ability to stop when an out of standard condition existed.  Over time jidoka has taken on a broader meaning often referring simply to abnormality detection.  In order to detect an abnormal condition, one must know what is normal.

A true lean enterprise is one that embraces learning and growing.  At its foundation, it respects people and empowers them to take ownership of their processes, identify the abnormalities (jidoka) and relentlessly work to improve the system. 

Bob Wilson, President of Jidoka Consulting learned lean and teaching from Toyota.  As a certified instructor and Kaizen Circle Leader he learned the true appreciation for the phrase, “if the student hasn’t learned, the teacher hasn’t taught.

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Bob Wilson– President of Jidoka Consulting will be speaking to the Lean Software Austin group about A3 and how it is used.

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